Vegan Made Easier

If you have plenty of time to experiment in the kitchen, and you love obsessing over all the components to a gourmet meal, this is not your resource page.  This page is for those of us who want a healthy, delicious dinner DONE, with preferably less time and effort. 

Here are all my best resources to get your family fed a plant-based diet in a hurry. 

Slay the “What’s for Dinner” Dragon once and for all. Take fewer trips to the grocery store, and save money in the bargain. Yesssss! 

Trust me on this one.  Here’s a complete guide to endlessly delicious and simple oatmeal preparation.

Have you ever made a meal plan and scrapped it when the crazy hour hit before dinner? Yep, me too.  I dug in and discovered some game-changing habits that make your plans a reality.  Here they are. 

Sometimes we don’t need a recipe.  We need permission to pull together food without any recipe at all and call it Dinner.  Here are a bunch of ways to do just that.

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